Hi there! I’m Tricia Beal, the artist behind SENSE.

My work focuses on human interpretation of the natural world through portraits of wildlife. I am specifically interested in our inability to escape our own perceptions and the alluring mystery of the animal mind. We are unable to fully grasp what it is to be a cat, a dog, or any other creature, therefore we will never fully understand them. I feel we give our fellow creatures far less credit than they deserve and I find them endlessly fascinating. I create my work using mixed media techniques including drawing, painting, collage and digital. 

I am a stubborn, never-ending optimist with an extreme amount of patience, an obsession with felines, and a severe coffee addiction.

A quiet and illusive sort of creature, I may rely too much on the powers of observation and listening. Music is how I deal, art keeps me sane, and the ocean recharges my batteries. I love being outside and I’m trying to make it a point to have more adventure and exploration in my life. I can't get over my flat out awe of nature. It has driven the art I make since I was a child. 

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